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‘The Ultimate Exchange’ is out!

We’ve created this for the exchange student who likes to be prepared, get tips, be nostalgic and read relatable stories. Examples of this can be:

– Preparation

– Gift ideas

– How to cope with homesickness

– How to cope with reverse culture shock

– Life after your exchange

Are you thinking about going on exchange? Are you already on your exchange or have you already finished your exchange? It is meant to help you during all stages of your exchange!

This ebook is written by your Exchange Student USA family.

Happy reading!


“I just finished reading the ebook! I really liked it. I’m going to be an exchange student next year and this book will help me for sure with a lot of things. Thank you!”

“OMG! This is the best thing I ever read!! It’s the same thing I’m living right now! I’m so happy!”

“Just missed my bus stop while reading the ebook!”

The reviews were sent to our Instagram @ExchangeStudent.USA.

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Dayanan Baptist

Hi folks! I'm Dayanan, 22 year old former Exchange Student from Copenhagen, Denmark. I spent my year in Michigan, USA back in 11/12'.

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