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Life is an Exchange in Itself

Life, is one of the most pondered things of all time. The meaning, the point, the beginning, the end, even sometimes the epilogue. We try to describe life as a book, a book full of stories, ranging from tragedies, to dramas, to comedies, to even the unknown. Yet, to me, an exchange student, I would have to say life is an exchange.

We have the decision to make the most or the least out of life. You can decide to try and learn the way life goes, or you can try and block life out. Either way, it is your decision.
Life, has many trips, many adventures, many views, many bumps, and many people. It’s how you make of these opportunities that defines the quality of your life. Sometimes, you don’t have the privileges of others, perhaps because of material boundaries. Yet, if you make the most of it, you can find a way to expand upon what you do have. Then if you are correctly looking at things from outside the box of expectations, you will see how lucky you are to have the life you live.

Exchange is a parallel to this. You can decide whether to allow yourself to see how privileged and lucky you are to be in another part of the world, or you can decide to ignore or deplete the true freedom that has been displayed upon you. You can decide whether to allow yourself to become an open-eyed believer of an upcoming unity between this world, or you can decide to ignore the problem of segregation that creeps in the shadows of camera lights.

Exchange is an opportunity for us to make the world come face to face upon seeing an underlying conundrum, that is, people seeing eachother as different rather than one person. Exchange is a way for the newer generations to try and achieve a new way of looking at each culture, country, language, and see that we may have different schedules or preferences but, we are all one person at heart.

Life, is an exchange, exchange, is a life. Now, we should make the most of both because we only have one chance to do it, might as well do it to the fullest. See everything for how it is, rather than sitting and wondering possibilities. See truth, rather than assume the stereotypical assumption. Be your own exchange student, as you wander headfirst into the unknown future.

Written by Alisha Shull-Seward

Dayanan Baptist

Hi folks! I'm Dayanan, 22 year old former Exchange Student from Copenhagen, Denmark. I spent my year in Michigan, USA back in 11/12'.

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